Hello and welcome to my website. Here I aim to demonstrate my skills; experience; qualifications; and portfolio, as well as general information about myself that may be of interest to you.

What I Do

I am a very keen web designer and have created a number of websites varying in content and purpose; this has been promoting anything from Scientific Equipment to a French Holiday Cottage.
As well as this, I am currently on a FDSC applied computing at City Bath College.

My Profile

First Name: Joshua
Last Name: Wright
Email: joshua_wright@btinternet.com
Education: City of Bath College
Course: FDSC Applied Computing
Home City: Bath

A Little bit about me

Currently I am a full-time student, but my passion lies with web design and programming; this is the field I want to enter.

Alongside web design/development I also do computer repairs and have experience with programming launages VB, C++, SQL and Java. If you have any other questions about my skills and qualifications, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Currently working on a website for an indoor climbing company. Release date is the New Year.


This website is always being altered as I make new developments; for example, I am currently working on a new website for “History of Bath Research Group”. This site is built using HTML and JQuery with a PHP contact form.